Eweka Review

When you think of the best Usenet Provider in Europe only one name come to mind that is Eweka. Eweka has been around since 2001 and since its inception company has been providing super blazing speed and quality services to its users. The company operates from the Netherlands. It is known for its Quality and affordable packages. The company also provide access to 125,000+ Newsgroups and built-in Usenet search.
Eweka is known for providing super-fast speed to its customers. The company owned Backbone allow the Eweka to provide an excellent speed to its clients. The company guarantees you that you will find the lowest ping rates, shortest routes, and highest possible speed.
Eweka offers a great deal to its customers at affordable price. With Subscription, you get access to over 125,000+ Newsgroups which is great. The company is committed to your privacy and ensure that by offering SSL encryption to its users.

The company offers blazing speed to its customers. Users get the connection speed of 50 Mbps on standard Account and 300 Mbps on High-speed Account. The company offers 3293days of binary retention period on all newsgroups which is impressive. With speed up to 300 Mbps company offers unlimited data to its users so users can use unlimited data at super-fast speed without any worry about data limit.

Pricing & Packages

Eweka offers 2 Packages for its users. One can choose any of the packages according to his/her requirements. These packages are prepaid, so you have to pay in advance for days of access.
Standard Account is the Base Package. Subscribers get the speed of 50 Mbps on its subscription. This package is available for 7,60 euros for 30 Days Access.
Account sharing is allowed in Standard Package, and the user will get the 8 connections on Subscription.
Notable features are

  • 8 connections
  • Account Sharing
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Unlimited Data
  • 50 Mbps Speed
  • Retention period of 3293 Days
  • Completion rate of 99.5%

High-Speed Account is the best Eweka can offer. This package holder will get the super blazing speed of 300 Mbps. The high-speed package is Available for 9,60 euros for 30 Days of Access.
Account sharing is not allowed in High-Speed Account, and Users get 20 connections. Notable features are

  • 20 connections
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Unlimited Data
  • 300 Mbps Speed
  • Retention period of 3293 Days
  • Completion rate of 99.5%
  • The company is also offering a special package for summers only where you will get the High-Speed package for just 7,50 euros for 30 Days of Access.

Free Trial
The company offers you to test the best; company can offer. The trial period is 7 days, and you can enjoy the services of best Usenet provider with just a few clicks. Just enter the email, and you are all set to experience the blazing speed and premium services for free.

Retention & Completion
The retention period is an important factor when users choose their Usenet. Eweka offers the 3094 days of binary retention period on all newsgroups. The company have a very stable network and offer completion rate of 99.5% which is remarkable.

Connection & Speed
When Eweka says that they provide the super-fast internet speed, they don’t bluff. Thanks to their Trans-Atlantic backbone the company offers you the internet connection with a speed of 600 GB/s. The company ensures that you get the best services and highest possible speed.
The company offers Unlimited Data to all packages. Users can use the unlimited data with super-fast speed. The company provides connection speed of 300 Mbps to its premium package holders and 50 Mbps to its standard package holders. Premium package holders get the 20 connection, and Standard package holders get the 8 connection on their account subscription.

Features & Search Clients
Eweka is the best Usenet provider in Europe. The company is Tier-1 Usenet provider, and they have total control of their infrastructure. The company offers affordable and quality services with High-speed connections.
The company is committed to the privacy, and they provide 256-bit SSL encryption to all users who ensure your online privacy. The company does not log your online activities and not share your data with anyone. The company has an excellent track record in the privacy department.
The company provides super-fast speed up to 300 Mbps to its users with no Data limitation. Users can use unlimited data without any fear of data limit.
The company offers the completion rate of 99.5% which is remarkable. They also offer 3294 days of binary retention period on all of their groups. With subscription users get the access to 125,000+ newsgroups.

The company provides an exceptional customer support through email. They have very responsive staff and usually get back to you with in 1-3 working days.
The company uses the prepaid system for its services. Users will have to buy the days of access. Eweka supports and accepts all major payment systems in the region. The company does not support any digital currency. With the increasing popularity of Digital currencies, we hope that the Eweka will also support the Cryptocurrency in the future.
The company accepts the payments from the following payment methods

  • iDeal is a Netherlands based payment system started in 2005.
  • PayPal is a popular online payment system. PayPal is available almost worldwide, and all major businesses accept the PayPal payment.
  • Mistercash is Belgium based payment system, Available in all Belgium banks.
  • Giropay is a Germany based direct payment methods, Available in all major German banks.
  • Carte bleue is a debit card Payment system in France.
  • SMS is a direct payment method. This service is only limited to the Netherland.
  • Bank Transfer is also accepted by the Eweka, You can transfer the money through bank transfer, and it will take up to 3-5 working days to complete the transaction.

Eweka does not provide VPN service, but you can always use 3rd party VPN service. Having VPN is very important these days, and if you are the person who doesn’t like to be tracked, you should use VPN. VPN will ensure your anonymity online, and your ISP can’t track your online activities.

Having Newsreader is always a plus for any Usenet provider. Eweka offers free Newsreader for its customers. Newsreader has a user-friendly interface. It allows the users to experience the advanced features like automate downloading, searching. It is fast and efficient; you can search your files with a lot of options. You just need to enter your login details, and you are all set to use the Newsreader.

Eweka is NZB compatible. NZB format is used to retrieve posts from the Usenet servers.

Customer Support
There is a lot of competition out there as there are many Usenet provider who provides exceptional services, but they lack in few departments. Eweka tries to give best in all departments, Eweka customer support is best.
They have a dedicated FAQ section which answers the common questions and errors extensively. But you can contact customer support if you feel that your problem is not in the FAQ section or you need additional help. All you have to fill the form and they will get back to you with in 1-3 working days, but they usually reply within 12 hours.
The company offers its customer support in 4 languages which are English, German, Dutch and French. Staff is friendly, and they will answer you query. We haven’t heard any case where their customer support didn’t respond. However, we would recommend you to check the FAQ section as they have an extensive solution to almost every common problem.


Eweka is the best in Europe They offer you the super-fast speed with very stable and reliable Network. They don’t compromise on your privacy. They offer unlimited data with high speed up to 300 Mbps.
The company offers 3293 days of the binary retention period. The completion rate is 99.5% which is awesome. They provide free 256-bit SSL Encryption to their users. The company offers 20 Connections for High-speed Package users and 8 connections Standard package users.
They provide exceptional services at very affordable rates.
You will get the dedicated Customer support which is available to service you 24/7. If you are not very comfortable with speaking English, you can always use any other regional language to communicate effectively. They offer their customer support in 4 languages.
The company offers the premium services at affordable rate. They are the best Usenet provider for a reason. Their customer support is exceptional. So if you are looking for the Usenet services in Europe, we recommend you to try Eweka. You can use their free trial period with just email, and if you like the Eweka, you can avail their summer offer which is a bargain for the price. Join Today!


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