Tweaknews Review

Tweaknews is a Usenet internet service company situated in Netherlands. The company provides Usenet features to users all over the world via both block & flat rate payment options. Tweaknews is an affordable Usenet service that puts quality as their primary goal. Tweaknews now has its own custom Usenet client and this has made its unlimited plans more accessible.

TweakNews offers an interesting opportunity for people looking for Usenet service providers. It is also a great opportunity for people want to utilize Usenet Services outside of the United States. With its impressive retention rates and completion rate it appears to stand out among its rivals.

Tweaknews has many features just like other Usenet service providers. Taking a peek at the retention rate of Tweaknews, it offers a lot in terms of retention rates unlike other Usenet service provider. It has a retention rate of 2500 days, which is a very impressive retention rate. Another aspect is that of its speed, the packages offers high-speed and it has unlimited speed unlike other Dutch-based Usenet services. Tweaknews is very useful because of its simplicity and unique features, and their packages are affordable for average customers.

Tweaknews-Features and Highlights

As said above, there are a lot of impressive features that are associated with Tweaknews and below are the highlights of the features;

Pricing Packages

Tweaknews has two pricing packages which known as Flat rate and Block rate.

Flat rate: payments for this package are usually paid on a monthly basis although you can pay for more than one month. And the main aim of this package is to offer unlimited usage to users who download a lot. The least plan costs $2.70 per month with a capped speed of 1Mbps and four strings. Although there is another plan under this aspect that is solely available for people that need unlimited speed and it costs $13.80 per month or less if you do a longer subscription

Block rate: In this type of account, users are being offered fixed-amount of data. This simply implies that your account won’t expire and it applies to those who only download very occasionally. With a block account, there’s always a fixed price for a set amount of data which you can download and the maximum rate is 100Mbit.

Free Trial

Tweaknews has a 10-days free trial program which is available to all new customers unlike other free trials that run for 7 days. It offers a 10Gb free trial too, so it depends on whichever finishes first i.e. whether you spend the 10 days without exhausting the data or exhausting the data before 10 days. Tweaknews trial system is truly remarkable because it will enable users to get a peek at what they will realize once they subscribe.

The company offers subscriptions to the following blocks

  • 10 GB of data for 2,00 Euros
  • 50 GB of data for 7.00 Euros
  • 100 GB of data for 13.00 Euros
  • 250 GB of data for 30,00 Euros
  • 500 GB of data for 45,00 Euros

Retention & Completion

Retention rate is the numbers of days by which the files are being put into constant check before being deleted. Retention is very vital in the system of every Usenet provider. And each provider comes along with its own specific retention rate. Whenever a file exceeds its retention rate, such file will be removed as their system is being updated at regular intervals.

As stated above, Tweaknews offers a very impressive retention rate compared to other Usenet providers. They store their files for 2500 days.

Tweaknews also has an impressive download completion score of 99.9% (this is being categorized as a very impressive score). Although both retention and completion rates may change as time goes on.

Connection & Speed

Tweaknews offers high-speed internet connection speed and up to 40 connections. This connection enables you to access the shortest routes to various Usenet newsgroups, lowest ping times, the highest connection speed.


Security of the users has always been a priority for the company. Tweaknews Provides SSL encryption to secure downloads. This encryption is very fast and reliable and it works with different NZB apps.

Just like most Usenet providers, SSL encryption always comes along with every account. And the main purpose is to ensure that each and every of its user’s identity is being kept totally anonymous.


Tweaknews supports newsreader for every user account. It is fast and reliable. The main function of newsreaders is to enable users to automate the downloading. It also has a superb user interface which allows users to locate files ease.

NZB compatibility

Tweaknews is compatible with NZB. NZB is an extension on its own and it’s based on XML file format. This actually means you can access files that saved in NZB extension on Tweaknews servers.

Customer Support

Tweaknews offers support via both email and phone. An option for web form support is also available through the Contact section. Their customer support options are Email Phone +31.728500710. The FAQ section is also useful for users, as it contains answers to prospective questions that a user might ask. Language is actually not a barrier because the company offers its customer support in 4 different languages namely; Dutch, French, English, and German.


Based on the above review, it can be clearly seen that Tweaknews is one of the best Usenet providers you can find on the internet.

Their plans are cheap and affordable considering that they offer a great blend of block access and unlimited access.

A nice feature about this Usenet provider is that it allows unlimited usage and access and it has a high-speed connection. As stated above, it has SSL protection i.e. The company uses SSL encryption which contributes to SSL-secured download and uploads to ensure that users can upload and download without having to reveal their identity.

The Customer support being offered at Tweaknews is impressive as their staffs are professionals and the media through which they can be contacted are simple and not complex as others might be. Without wasting their clients time, they always ensure to reply all their request accordingly. Sometimes there might be little or no need to contact them because most questions have been answered in their FAQ section, so instead of contacting them, it’s easier for users to browse through the section in search for answers that will answer the questions they might have been meaning to ask.

Another interesting feature about Tweaknews is that it offers a VPN service so users do not need to look for a third party VPN service like most providers in Netherlands. Tweaknews is compatible with NZB and it also has a newsreader. These features are the factors that make it stand out amongst others.

Overall, Tweaknews Usenet service provider is extremely good however our list of Best Usenet Providers offer better deals so in most cases we would recommend choosing elsewhere.