If you’re a user of Usenet Service then the word Binsearch shouldn’t be new to you. Binsearch is a Binary Usenet Search Engine. With this site, you can crawl the indexes of any nooks and cranny of every binary Usenet newsgroups. Binsearch indexes every binary newsgroup that is supported by Usenet Providers. By default, only the most 400 popular newsgroups is being crawled. Binsearch provides an amazingly free service to every of its user using the Usenet search service. At present, Binsearch enables its users to search freely on its system with a retention rate of 1100 days, which means within that period of time users can still get access to the searched records exclusively.


What is it?

Binsearch is a free Usenet search engine which offers NZB downloads and SSL  encryption to connect to the engine. It is a service that allows you to search and browse any binary Usenet newsgroups. As long as every binary newsgroup is supported by the major Usenet providers Binsearch is ready to index it all.

Just as Google is a search engine for the web, Binsearch is also a search engine which crawls the Usenet forums and files


Why Do I Need It?

Binsearch is useful mainly because of its simplicity and unique attributes. While other system paid services, Binsearch offers an excellent and free service to anyone trying to use it. If you have the intention of using Usenet to find an information or a data the  Binsearch should be your next line of action. It offers a very fast NZB creation in which has many multiple files containing it. Binsearch has can provide access to SSL encrypted websites and also has about 3155 newsgroups affiliated with its system.


Binsearch-Features and Highlights

There are a lot of intriguing features that come along with Binsearch and here are the highlights of the features. The main website of the search engine is and it’s current Alexa rank is currently ranked 18640 on the Alexa rankings for most used websites around the world and it is definitely the most used Usenet search engine.


NZB quick Creation: Just as the name implies, Binsearch offers a very fast .NZB file creation. By using Binsearch, you will be able to create NZB files immediately after searching for files on their platform unlike other search engines where you would need to download the records in multiple parts and then use an NZB client to create a file with the .NZB extension. With this feature being offered by Binsearch, it’s saves people from the stress of having to do it manually.


SSL Website Access: Let’s start by defining SSL. SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security measure due to improved technology and is used to establish an encrypted link between a website and it’s server. Binsearch has the ability to provide access to SSL encrypted websites. As the name implies, SSL encryption, the websites have a layer of encryption and cannot be accessed from just an ordinary search engine search engines but with Binsearch, you need not worry about any shortcomings of SSL encrypted websites


Retention: Retention can simply be defined as the numbers of days by which the files are being kept in constant check. Retention plays a vital role in the system of a Usenet search engine such as Binsearch. And each search engine comes along with its own special retention rate so a file that seems to be older than its retention rate will be expires from the search engine results as they tend to update their engine at regular intervals. As many search engines appear to come out with a higher than Binsearch yet Binsearch is able to keep pace with its standard retention rate of 1100 which is suitable for an average user as it amounts to 3 years. And with the rate everything keeps developing, Binsearch is not left out in the process as it is currently working on the daily increase in its retention level.


Newsgroups: Newsgroup is a storage location within the Usenet server usually for messages being posted from different users in different location. If you’re a user of Usenet, you’ll know that newsgroups serve as a provision of real contents. There is a statistic which says, the more the number of newsgroups, the more the amount of content provided and the more the options provided for you to choose from. Binsearch has a lot of newsgroups associated with its system as it accounts to about 3155 newsgroups.


Price: Binsearch offers a free service as it does not charge it’s users a penny for all the services being rendered. It generates revenue by ads placement. and one amazing thing is that its advertisements are hardly noticeable as the cease to pose annoying threats to users due to the fact that they do not interrupt the usage of the service being rendered by the website.


How to Use Binsearch?

Binsearch has been known to be a very easy search engine as it comes with a very easy interface and easy accessibility. To use Binsearch, type this into your address bar and you’ll come across the homepage. It always provides its result in form of an NZB document whenever you search for a record on Binsearch. You can use the results that have been saved with the NZB extension to download the records from a Usenet server. Binsearch is not an host site as it does not host any file on its own but only looks them up  the files are hosted separately on Usenet servers. Binsearch just looks them up from these servers. The main objective of the website is to enable easy access to the navigation of files on Usenet servers. In the toolbar of your browser on the homepage of Binsearch will see options for both basic and advanced searching. But it’s preferable to use the basic search because of its simplicity. The advanced search has a complex aspect as it complements the features of the basic search by adding more options to it. To use the search engine, carefully type in whatever you want to look for and click on the “search” button. The results shown per page on Bin search is 100 and the available number of days to be eligible for search is 1100 days. There are some radio buttons below the aforementioned options and it has it’s own uses too, which enables complex searching. Once you have made inquiries on Binsearch and the result is being displayed then click the checkbox on the right and then look for the “Create NZB”  click on the button. This will result in a download of .NZB files. (Note, The .NZB files contains download links of the actual file you’re searching for). Once you have your result page, even by selecting multiple files, only one .NZB will be created. And this is arguably one of the best features of Binsearch. Once this download is completed, you can now view your file in the location you chose as download path. You can then download the  .NZB files using any NZB Downloader such as “SABnzbd”.



With the above review, it’s now evident that Binsearch is, if not the best then one of the best Usenet search engine and it is definitely the most popular Usenet search engine around that deals with binaries. Binsearch is exceptionally better at searching for a particular file within a very short period of time.

Although Binsearch does have its limits and might not be fully satisfactory for advanced users so if you’re a heavy Usenet user it would be advisable to try out other alternatives. Here are some alternatives to Binsearch that could be useful to advanced users;

  • Newzbin
  • UsenetCrawler
  • NzpPlanet
  • Nzbgeek
  • Nzbgrabit.

With these alternatives, I’m sure you’ll get what you want.